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LP Compressor is a globally recognized manufacturer of industrial air compressor and air compressor pumps and components.  Our products are used in manufacturing plants, automotive tire & repair shops, and by construction crews and tradesman around the world.

We know industrial design and best practices in manufacturing.  From solid modeling, rapid prototyping, PPAP & FMEA, to aftermarket service and support, we build and care for compressors with passion.

LP Compressor is a committed team of professionals dedicated to innovation, quality and outstanding performance & value.  We are customer driven, and partner with world leading manufacturers for engines and components, which produces compressor machinery with enduring performance.

LP Gasoline and Diesel
Air Compressors

LP Two-Stage
Compressor Pumps

Single stage
Compressor Pumps

LP Portable Electric Air Compressors

LP Commercial Air Compressors

LP Industrial Air Compressors

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